SOTD 02/13/21

This oddity is a 2018 Amelanistic-type corn snake from unrevealed lineage.  The parents--and multi-generational ancestry--are known to me, but until breeding trials are revealing I'll just say that the mother is a High-white Reverse Okeetee.  In three successive SMR generations there has never been a Caramel, Buf or Sunkissed type related to this rendering.  This color scheme is uncommon, but is rendered when I've bred for High-white Amel Tesseras, but no Tessera in this family tree?  In 2021 I will breed her to a neutral breeder (a wild-type corn with NO hidden mutation gene copies) so as to take the project to Square-one.  I've hatched four like this one in the past decade from three unrelated females, so, it may be something polygenetic in mode of inheritance?  Regardless of the mode of inheritance (mutational or polygenetic), we will promote the look to predictably reproduce more like her.