SOTD 05/10/21

This Scaleless Anery--hatched June 13, 2013--emerging from its egg for oxygen more than once, demonstrating a good look at some of the facial features common to most Scaleless cornsnake mutants.  Virtually all Scaleless corns have a largely scaled belly, but aside from some of them having random scaled zones above the belly, most have scales around the mouth.  This is an important feature, since their "lips" are used each time they eat, of course.  A few that I have hatched didn't have "lip" scaleless, and some of those developed minor infections that healed after I debrided infected tissue that reached their tooth lines.  None of them died, nor did they require medication, but we recommend routine check-ups for all Scaleless cornsnake mutants.  Gently remove any debris around their mouths.