SOTD 08/14/20

Not sure why the left-pic-side High-white Reverse Okeetee isn't red and white like its right-pic-side sibling?  This brood included nine classic High-white red Amels and six like the orange one in this pic.  Intriguingly, there were no "tweeners" (ones with color between orange and red).  I have not hatched ones like this before--from High-white Reverse Okeetee Amels, but if the orange one matures to be an orange version of classic red and white High-white Reverse Okeetees, I'll be disappointed.  Foreign to my experience would be a Sunrise Amel mutant (which the orange one resembles at this age), but that is always a possibility.  I'll sell keep at least half of the orange ones, just to determine how they will mature, and possibly to unravel the mystery via breeding trials?