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There is so much potentially dangerous SPAM in our email inbox on a daily basis that it is unwise to send us emails without a subject line that is related to reptiles.  While we are confident that our Virus Protection Programs are up-to-date and working well, it is time-consuming and frustrating to open so many emails from SPAMMERS - under the false presumption that they were from patrons or potential customers (approximately 98% of all emails we receive with No Subject as the subject line are SPAM). Other subject lines Spammers like to use are simply "Hi" or "Hello".  If the email you send to us is of a generic nature, instead of a simple one-word subject line - or nothing in the Subject Line -  please, identify your intentions by using words or phrases in the subject line like (interested in a snake, inquiring about an order, I have questions, what kind of snake is this?, do you sell two-headed corns?, etc.).  When we see the words (No Subject) in the subject line of an email - which is automatically assigned by your email program when you don't specify a subject - we are likely to condemn it to the SPAM vault - - deep in the bowels of our computer - - - - never to be opened.

We check our email inbox many times daily and respond to each and every email received, but as much as we rely on the dependability of the Internet for communicating, there can be reasons we don't receive your email.  We have NO spam filters set for novel emails that have subject lines associated with ordering or questions, so virtually ALL emails make it to our inbox.  However, occasionally, emails from friends, customers, and/or inquirers do not reach us for one rare reason or another.  If you sent an email with a logical subject line but did not receive a response from us within 24 hours, please, resend that email, and we'll respond as quickly as it is read.  Since our web site generates 98% of our business, be assured that all your emails are handled here as if they are potential reptile emergencies or snake orders.  We would never leave our inbox intentionally unattended, so if we cannot respond due to Internet Provider or Server Failures (unfortunately not uncommon way out here in the Hill Country) for any 24 hour period, we have friends monitor our email for us.  Regardless of whether email is read by me personally or by any SMR agent, we DO respond to every email received.


BTW, sometimes when we attempt to respond to a novel email, we get a notice from the sender's IP that our response email was undeliverable.  Often, filter settings on the sender's IP have been set to prohibit our response emails from reaching them, so if you have filters set for automatically prohibiting emails from first-time senders, please, pre-authorize our email address so you will successfully receive our email response.  More than once, I have received voice mail messages from angry people - accusing us of ignoring several of their emails.  It is very frustrating not to have a phone number we can use in such cases, so it would be a good idea to put your phone number somewhere in the body or footer of the email - in case we cannot successfully respond via Email.  I assure you (in writing) that each and every phone number and email address we receive is NOT given, sent, sold, monitored, bartered, or otherwise seen or used by anyone other than me,  and only for the purpose of communicating with you about respective business transactions initiated by you.  As busy as we are - caring for animals most of each day (we are only busy on days that end in a "y" and only for 24 hours of those days - minus a few hours to sleep) - our first choice of communication is Email.  My responses are most helpful to you when I am un-distracted by daily animal maintenance tasks that would be interrupted by phone callers.  That said, in the event that an email response is not possible, we will call inquirers who have critical questions or problems with SMR animals that are of an urgent nature - if their phone number is provided.

Advanced thanks for your attention,

Don Soderberg
South Mountain Reptiles
Ps, those of you who know me are aware that only Don (I) could convert a traditional CONTACT US page into patent-worthy gibberish.  Sorry to belabor an otherwise simple thing like telling you how to contact me, but I just thought of another important potential toe-stubber.  Since the beginning of the worm viruses that hijack email lists from their victims and broadcast potentially dangerous links to millions of people whose email addresses we know and trust, we learned that emails received from our friends' eddresses are not necessarily free from harboring dangerous attachments.  They tell me that opening those emails is harmless, as long as we don't click on any links therein.  Me, I believe that bad people will always do bad things, and if they're clever enough to breach our email/spam defenses, perhaps even opening emails that appear to be from our friends may someday be dangerous. Puhhleeze, GET TO THE POINT, DON.  Okay.  Sorry.  I have been receiving emails lately from many people whose email addresses I recognize (and inherently trust), but upon opening those emails, I discover that many of them contain only one line in the body of the email; a URL that has nothing to do with anything related to me (or my friends) and little or no explanation of its pertinence to me.  Most of those are inherently harmless, as they are URLs for companies that paid the spammer to broadcast the hyperlink.  The spammer is paid for each time someone clicks that hyperlink - thereby visiting the website of the Spammer's client.  SO I have lately been sending these emails straight to my SPAM GRAVE without even reading them.  If my Spam Protection Software does its job, it will not allow me to receive emails from those email addresses again.  Hence (Finally . . . Here's Don's Point), if you are one of the unfortunate inquirers, associates, customers, or friends of mine that fell victim to such worm viruses, you may be virtually banished from reaching me via email until you advise me to re-authorize your eddress OR I get a new virus protection program that does not recognize incoming, historically spamful eddresses.  This is yet another reason for you to find an alternate way to reach me (i.e. alternate eddress or telephone).  If you don't get a response from me within 24 hours of sending email to me, I recommend you send an email from a different email address -- with a subject line that is non-generic enough (has reptile key words) to indicate it is safe for me to open and read.  Again, subject lines that have reptile words in them are ones I open and read most trustfully.  If you need information from me that is not found on our web site, you may call me at 830-964-3303.
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