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Shipping Information        U.S.  Flat-rate Shipping -- only $39.00 per order (see details below)
  • South Mountain Reptiles is a certified reptile shipper with FedEx.  All retail domestic (contiguous U.S.) orders are shipped via door-to-door service to your home, school, place of business, or FedEx Facility (for customer pick up) for one low fee. We offer FLAT-RATE SHIPPING FOR $39.00 per order/per destination for domestic deliveries within the contiguous U.S..  This rate applies only to snakes purchased at our advertised prices, whether your order is for one or 100 hatchling snakes.  Individual orders with more than one destination or more than one ship date pay $39.00 per destination location AND ship date.  No other shipping and handling fees are associated with weekday, domestic door-to-door service.  Wholesale orders may have higher shipping rates assesed, based on quantity of animals ordered.  This door-to-door service is available throughout the contiguous U.S. and will be prepaid by the customer prior to shipping. 
  • Except for holidays and/or scheduled conflicting events - and weather permitting - we ship every Monday and Wednesday for respective next-day deliveries.  Orders requested to be delivered on Tuesday or Thursday must be received no later than noon of the day before the respective delivery (no later than noon on Monday - for Tuesday delivery OR noon on Wednesday - for Thursday delivery). Those animals shipped via door-to-door carrier will be guaranteed to arrive alive only if the first delivery attempt is successful and only if the box is handed to the customer (or customer agent) at the final destination - vs. the carrier leaving it outside your door. LIVE ARRIVAL IS GUARANTEED, even when the package is not handed directly to the customer (or customer agent) when drop-off decision is made by FedEx.  However, packages left outside by FedEx via delivery waiver (an option the customer chooses) are exempt from our live arrival guarantee. In the event of d.o.a. animals, proof of death is required prior to compensatory decisions. In cases of delayed deliveries or other problems associated with shipping, please, contact us immediately via email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  As the shipper, we can expedite delivery more quickly than our customers. One of your options is to have us ship to a FedEx Facility (including most FedEx Ship Centers and Kinko's) to be held for customer pick up.  There is no extra charge for such HOLD AT LOCATION

    services, and our live arrival guarantee applies if picked up the same day the package is delivered to the FedEx facility.  You may find that it's more convenient to pick up your order on the way home from school or work, while your new pets enjoy temperature control at FedEx, instead of getting frequent driver miles or being in the sun on your porch.  Packages left on the porch at the customer request are not guaranteed to be alive. All arrival guarantees are the responsibility of SMR; not FedEx.  Inclement weather and/or transportation problems may cause late package deliveries and are exempted from FedEx's guaranteed delivery times.
  • You may alternately choose to have your SMR order shipped via airline cargo to your nearest major airport for domestic orders. This premium counter-to-counter service must be prepaid prior to shipping.  At this time, the cost for airline cargo (Delta Dash) is $135.00. Air Cargo service is limited, and by appointment only.

  • If your package is shipped via the airlines, all reptiles in U.S. domestic orders will be guaranteed to arrive alive if picked up within four (4) hours of flight arrival.  There are no guarantees for shipments delayed or lost by the airline carrier, but claims may be made directly to the airline carrier. In the event of dissatisfaction with your order, you are responsible for notifying us within 48 hours of flight arrival.  At this time, we do not have the necessary U.S. export permit that enables International shipping, but routinely ship to a U.S. exporter of your choice. 


During our winter shipping season, domestic next-day door-to-door U.S. shipping will be only on Mondays and Wednesdays (for respective next-day deliveries on Tuesday and Thursday) each week that does not potentially conflict with a holiday or commercial reptile event.  For any season of the year, each order is custom packed in a new box that includes applicable temperature modifiers (heat and/or gel packs) relative to anticipated weather and respective shipping routes.  With over 40 years of animal packing and shipping experience, we guarantee live arrival if delivery is not delayed by the customer's failure to be available for the first delivery attempt by FedEx (or their contractors).  Our winter shipping prerequisites are:

  • destination (and FedEx Hub in Memphis) night temperatures must be above 14o F.
  • destination (and FedEx Hub in Memphis) airport must be operating normally
  • destination city street conditions must facilitate delivery truck traffic

If temps are below 14o F, but above 5o F, and if city streets and airports are open to normal traffic, we will ship to most destinations - provided the customer picks up the package at a FedEx Facility per EXPRESS HOLD AT LOCATION services.  In this way, excessive exposure to cold temperatures in the delivery trucks is reduced.

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