Ordering Information & Terms and Conditions

Ordering Procedures:

Most of you have purchased products and services on the Internet via secure shopping carts.  For domestic order (paid within the United States) we accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover credit and debit cards, paypal, and American Express Cards.  International customers must pay via direct Bank Wire Transfer only.  We have such a shopping cart and it works virtually the same as most others.  While you are shopping on our web site, you'll notice that the category progression tiers follow logical sequences.  Since all page link tabs remain near the top of every page you access on our web site, navigating to and from categories is always a short mouse stroke from your cursor.  The only two product link tabs are  Snakes For Sale and Books. Let's say you're interested in reviewing the snakes we offer for sale.  You simply click on the Snakes For Sale link tab and you are offered several 1st tier category  options.  If you choose the Hatchling Corn Snakes image swatch, you'll see image swatches for two different hatching seasons offered.  Click on either of those, and you are offered many different image swatches, representing each morph category.  By clicking on one of those, you are then offered opportunities to review each of the particular corn morphs within that category.  Clicking on one of those morph swatches shows you an enlargeable image of the average adult representative and a complete description of the morph.   Naturally, you may alter your order at any time prior to order completion.  If after completion of your order you discover that you made a mistake, send an email to describe the situation and we will alter or cancel your order for you. Should you desire to purchase one/some of this particular morph - and if that snake is currently in stock - send me an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and I'll put you on the RESERVATION LIST for the next time those are in stock.

Upon completion of your order, you will receive an email advising that the order has been received.  Later that day (or the next day), you will receive another email advising of approval status, along with verification of the shipping schedule you chose.  Barring rare and unforeseen FedEx delays, your new pet will be delivered the day after shipping, and someone MUST be present to receive the package from FedEx. Should something arise that makes the schedule shipping date inconvenient--prior to noon on the shipping day--please, send an email to cThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Also, when you order, you may use the COMMENTS section of the payment page, should you have any order or delivery specifications.  Even after mutual agreement of the shipping date, if something comes up that prevents you from receiving your order the day after shipping, we must receive communication from you prior to noon on the scheduled shipping date.  If weather or conflicting events prevent us from complying with the shipping schedule, we will contact you as soon as we can.  Our cThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  email inbox is monitored many times daily.  If no such communication is received from you via email, the package will be shipped as scheduled, and it will be your responsibility to have someone present for FedEx delivery on the day after shipping.  If we were shipping computer parts, your presence for delivery would not be required, but obviously the perishable nature of animals requires that such time-sensitive shipping AND delivery are expeditiously accomplished and that your new pet is not sitting your porch in the sunlight or snow.

Other than accepting orders via our Online Shopping Cart, we accept Checks, Money Orders, Cashiers' Checks, and Bank Wire Transfers.  When paying via these payment types - that are not accepted in our Online automated Shopping Cart - we will not ship any such orders until prepayment is complete, so allow seven to 14 days (we will let you know when payment is complete).  International customers must pay via direct Bank Wire Transfer only.  No other payment types will be accepted for orders to customers outside the United States.  For specific ordering questions, please, send your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



  • If you are dissatisfied for any reason 7 (seven) months after receiving your animal, you may return it for a replacement. We are the first in this industry to offer this type of Warranty.  See *DETAILS below.
  • Please read all terms and conditions of this Warranty before placing any orders.
  • We have been in the reptile breeding and shipping business for over 30 years, and have provided thousands of customers with the finest in captive bred reptiles.

  • South Mountain Reptiles is so sure you will be satisfied with the quality of our reptiles that we offer an unprecedented warranty. Upon receipt, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the reptile(s) we sent, you may return it within 48 hours for replacement or credit. Return shipping expenses are the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise pre-arranged. SMR will pay all shipping expenses in cases where dissatisfaction was the result of an animal that was injured in the shipping process or is not the gender ordered.


Additionally, we offer the following GUARANTEE -

*DETAILS:  During the first 15 months of age, the colors (and sometimes markings) of corn snakes will change due to maturation. At any time AFTER seven months of receiving your animal(s) from us, if you feel that the mature color and/or pattern of your new SMR snake may not manifest through maturity to the extent we promised, you may return it for a replacement. Replacement animal(s), if available, will be the same subspecies and morph originally purchased - unless otherwise mutually agreed upon by the original customer and SMR. The size and age of replacement animal(s) may vary - depending on stock availability. In the event we do not have a suitable replacement snake of the desired size, hatchlings of the same subspecies and morph will be offered from the next earliest hatch. Only healthy animals may be returned to SMR. You are responsible for the shipping expense, successful arrival of the snake(s), and for the health of the returned snake(s) - as verified by our Veterinarian. You incur no Veterinary charges resulting from our inspection, as those will be paid by SMR. Replacement animal(s) will not be shipped until verification of satisfactory condition and health of the returned snake(s) is verified. SMR will pay the shipping for the replacement snake(s). All terms of this warranty apply only to animals shipped within the contiguous United States.


Terms & Conditions


  • All SMR reptiles will be in outwardly good health and condition, and we guarantee proper gender.

  • Unless otherwise mutually agreed upon, for domestic (USA) destinations, all snakes we ship will have been voluntarily feeding on unaltered (not scented or manipulated), appropriately-sized frozen/thawed common laboratory mice.

  • All domestic orders with U.S. final destinations will be prepaid by way of Visa, Discover or Master Card credit or debit cards, PAYPAL, personal or company check, money order, bank check, cashier’s check or bank wire transfers. Some fees and restrictions may apply to International orders, but only bank wire transfers are accepted for ALL International orders. Checks for domestic orders must be payable to Don Soderberg or South Mountain Reptiles and must clear both banks (yours and mine) prior to shipping. Due to current next-day carrier policy, any live arrival guarantees are honored solely by South Mountain Reptiles - not the carrier. This live arrival policy applies only to shipments with domestic (U.S.) destinations. Since the live arrival guarantee is strictly SMR policy, please, do not contact the carrier for any reason. Unless we are not able to supply the types of snakes reserved by prepayment or deposit - before they were available for shipping - no refunds will be issued. If we are not able to fill the order as specified by the customer, we will offer a refund, or credit to be used within a specified time period.

  • Domestic (U.S.) retail orders are shipped using door-to-door service to avoid the hassle of traveling to your airport. We only ship Priority Overnight on Mondays and Wednesdays for respective next-day delivery, but only if those days are not in conflict with a national holiday, a reptile expo we may attend, and if weather permits.  Orders to be shipped on a Monday or Wednesday must be processed prior to 3pm if you specified for us to ship on the day of the Monday or Wednesday order.  This domestic door-to-door, next day delivery shipping and handling service is available throughout the contiguous U.S. and will be prepaid to SMR by the customer prior to shipping. Whether you order one or 100 hatchling (less than one year old) snakes, you pay only one shipping fee. At this time, the shipping fee for retail (published web site prices) orders to any U.S. location is $35.00 per order/per location/per date. There are no other shipping and handling fees associated with weekday door-to-door, domestic service. (Texas residents pay 8.25% sales tax for all orders). Animals shipped via door-to-door carriers will be guaranteed to arrive alive only if the package is personally received from the carrier by the customer (or an agent of the customer) on the first delivery attempt. Packages not handed directly to the customer (or agent of the customer) are exempt from our live delivery guarantee. Signature waivers or any respective instructions from the customer to leave the box (not personally hand the box to the customer or agent thereof) automatically negate our live arrival guarantee. All shipping fees and terms apply only to retail orders for snakes purchased at our advertised prices. Wholesale orders may have higher shipping fees, and will be handled on a one-by-one basis.

  • In cases of delayed deliveries (or other problems associated with orders in transit), please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  We routinely monitor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , but should you require personal communication via telephone - regarding your order - request a phone call from us in your email.  Be sure to include your telephone number.   As the shipper, we can expedite delivery more quickly than Fed Ex since we are the customer of the carrier.

  • You may alternately choose airline cargo which is available to most major U.S. airports. The premium counter-to-counter service must be prepaid tp SMR prior to shipping. At this time, the cost for domestic airline cargo (Delta Dash) is $120.00. Airline service is only offered by appointment. We're very far from an airport and usually only ship via the airlines once a month.

  • If your package is shipped via the airlines, all reptiles will be guaranteed to arrive alive if picked up by the customer (or agent of the customer) within four (4) hours of flight arrival and only if the temperature at the destination airport is above 40oF.. If any animals are injured or dead, you must notify us within one hour of accepting the shipping box. SMR will not in any way guarantee shipments that are delayed or lost by the airline carrier, but claims may be made directly to the airline carrier in such rare instances. In the event of dissatisfaction with your order that is not related to transportation, you are responsible for notifying us within 48 hours of flight arrival. If you elect to return the reptile(s), you will be responsible for all expenses required to properly and safely return the reptile(s).

  • DEPOSITS and PREPAYMENTS: Starting January 1, 2012, if the snake you want is not in stock, a deposit will be accepted only for snakes that are not yet ready for shipping. The deposit amount will be 25% of the purchase price of the snake(s) only. Since shipping arrangements will be made at the time of purchase, shipping charges will not be factored into the deposit. Prospective buyers will be contacted when their animal(s) are ready to ship and they will have 10 days from that date in which to pay the balance for the animal(s) in full (plus shipping). If balance due is not received by the end of the 10 day period, the snakes will be sold to the next depositor on the list for that respective morph and all monies paid to that point will be forfeited to South Mountain Reptiles. Our NO REFUND policy applies here, however that payment amount may be applied to other purchases during that breeding/hatching season. In rare cases where partial deposit refunds are granted, a 20% fee will be assessed. If you prefer, you may prepay for your order entirely.  Either way ensures that you will get the snake(s) you ordered for that season.  In the rare event that we don't produce the snake(s) you reserved, all your deposit or prepayment will be refunded or applied toward another purchase (whichever you choose).

  • All animals offered for sale will be sold on a first-paid / first-served basis. We work down the list of reservations from earliest paid to last paid.  No-one will be put ahead of another on the Deposit or Prepay lists for any reason. Deposit date priority will be strictly enforced.

  • The price list on this web site is updated periodically. Prices may change without notice, but never after you make a purchase, of course.


During our winter shipping season, domestic next day door-to-door U.S. shipping will be only on Mondays and Wednesdays each week that do not potentially conflict with a holiday or commercial reptile event.  For any season of the year, each order is custom packed in a new box that includes applicable temperature modifiers (heat and/or gel packs) relative to anticipated weather and respective shipping routes.  With over 35 years of animal packing and shipping experience, we guarantee live arrival if delivery is not delayed by the customer's failure to be available for the first delivery attempt by FedEx (or their contractors).  Our winter shipping prerequisites are:

  • destination (and FedEx Hub in Memphis) night temperatures must be above 14o F.
  • destination (and FedEx Hub in Memphis) airport must be operating normally
  • destination city streets must facilitate delivery truck traffic

If temps are below 14o F, but above 9o F, and if city streets and airports are open to normal traffic, we will ship to most destinations - provided the customer picks up the package at a FedEx Facility per EXPRESS HOLD AT LOCATION  services.  In this way, excessive exposure to cold temperatures in the delivery trucks is reduced.


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