Snake of the Day 02-17-17

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Snake of the Day 02-17-17

This 2016 19" female Snow Tessera is currently eating unaltered frozen/thawed large pinky mice.  ?LONGSHOT? potential is that she COULD be a homozygote Tessera since both of her parents were Tesseras?  BTW, she is genetically more than meets the eye?  She is an Amel Anery Tessera, so if you bred her to a commonly-colored corn that is het for Snow, you could get Commons, Common-colored Tesseras, Amels, Amel Tesseras, Aneries, Anery Tesseras, Snows, Snow Tesseras, and other mutant pattern or color mutations that are hiding in this otherwise typical looking Snow Tessera; all in just one brood?   Her $215.00 USD price includes FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING to any of the lower-48 United States.  SOLD

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