Snake of the Day 05-19-17

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Snake of the Day 05-19-17

2017 Scaleless corn from parents, HET SCALELESS SUNGLOW MOTLEY x HET SCALELESS SUNGLOW MOTLEY.  The exaggerated sheen on the sides--which also smooths out the wrinkles Scaleless serpents always exhibit--is because of distension after resorbtion of its huge yolk before emerging from the egg.  Why this one has such faded markings is a mystery to me, since it's the first one from this line not to have bold markings?  

reminder: ALL Scaleless corns in the hobby today (including SCALED corns that are carriers of the Scale-less mutation--aka Het Scaleless) are descendants of the original pairing of a Corn Snake to an Emory's Ratsnake (aka: Great Plains Ratsnake) and are therefore technically inter-species hybrids. Bonus pic

Snake of the Day 05-19-17
Same snake in different pose and light.



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