Snake of the Day 12-06-17

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Snake of the Day 12-06-17

Featured as S.O.T.D. October 26, 2017, on this web site and SMR FaceBook page when this eXtreme Reverse Okeetee Tessera (and her only 2017 sibling) had not yet sloughed their first skins, she now demonstrates one of the usual deformities associated with insemenation from a previous season's mating; her cranium is slightly domedBonus PIC . . .

Either that or her frontal facial features are unnaturally small, OR BOTH.  Most deformities from fertilization via retained sperm from previous seasons includes, but is not limited to, spinal kinking and other bodily deformations.  The sibling of this snake had typical head conformation, but many spinal kinks.  I did not introduce a male to the mother of this snake in 2017, but with steady feeding, she ovulated, and used 2016 (or older) sperm she had stored, to fertilizer her ova.  Only two of her 12 eggs survived to hatch.  Then, she had the gumption to lay a second clutch of eggs (5 looked good and four were obviously infertile) on October 8th.  The last of those five eggs that looked good perished about two weeks ago.  The sperm she used were just not vital enough to produce normal embryos. 

Snake of the Day 12-06-17

Same snake in different pose and lighting.

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