Scaleless Corn Snake HISTORY

Scaleless Corn Snake HISTORY
         SCALE-LESS Corns:  

In 2012, we were fortunate to acquire several different color and pattern morphs of Scaleless Corns from Stephane Rousselle in France.  He has many dozens of different color and pattern variants of this unique mutation.

Just as seed-less grapes are not really devoid of seeds (they simply have small seeds), scale-less corns have SOME scales.  The entire bellies of most are classically or partially scaled (some are even bifurcated belly scales), and random fragments of scale patterns are seen in varying degrees elsewhere on their bodies from one individual to another.  I hear comments like, "eeeeyewww, the face looks freaky" or "why are the eyes so disproportionately large?".  The eyes are not disproportionately large per body size, but in the absence of scales around them, a super-protruding appearance results.

Of course, no two biological forms are precisely identical, but add to that the color and pattern variability and the infrequent scale placements, and Scaleless Corns take "no two alike" to a whole new level.  Exactly where there are a few scales on their body renders a veritable unique fingerprint for each individual snake.  Regardless of how many and where scales are sparsely located, the predominant lack of scales results in a more deeply-saturated color exhibition.  Who knew that the armor (scales) of serpents actually rendered a dilution of their here-to-fore unseen color brilliance?  Few corn snake mutations are capable of altering mutation and morph compounds as dramatically as the Scaleless mutation.  Have fun mixing and matching myriad color and pattern potentials with this new and variable mutation.

The originator of the Scaleless Mutants in France (Richard Dijoux indicates on his web site that they originate from pairing an Emory's (Great Plains) Rat Snake with a Corn Snake.  Therefore, the scaleless snakes I got from Stephane are technically inter-secies hybrid mutants (though via 1st- cousin species).

APRIL 26, 2013, Addendum:

Thanks to a telephone inquiry today from my friend, Rodney Ream, here is a close-up of the skin of a Scaleless Extreme Okeetee.  It demonstrates the lack of scalation, except for the edges of some of the belly scales - visible at the ventral keel.  Most Scaleless corns have belly scales, which is great since the belly of a snake gets the most wear and tear (in Nature or Captivity).  A NATURAL mutation coinicidentally designed for herpetoculture??  

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We wish to thank all of you who helped make it possible for us to produce all the beautiful corn snake morphs we offer. Thanks also for your comments and suggestions that made up a large portion of my first book, CORN SNAKES IN CAPTIVITY.  My next (and larger) corn snake book is still in the works, and will hopefully be ready for publication soon.  We will keep you posted on its progress.

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