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Terms of service

Our Satisfaction Guarantee
  • If you are dissatisfied for any reason 7 (seven) months after receiving your animal, you may return it for a replacement.
  • We are the first in this industry to offer this type of Warranty.
  • Please read all terms and conditions of this Warranty before placing any orders.
  • We have been in the reptile breeding and shipping business for over 30 years and have provided thousands of customers with the finest in captive bred colubrids and boids.
  • South Mountain Reptiles is so sure you will be satisfied with the quality of your SMR reptile that we offer an unprecedented warranty.
  • Upon receipt, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the reptile(s) we sent, you may return them within 48 hours for replacement or credit. Return shipping expenses are the responsibility of the customer unless prearranged otherwise.
  • Additionally, we offer the following. After seven months, the colors and markings of your reptile will have changed due to maturing. At any time after seven months, if you are dissatisfied for any reason, you may return it for a replacement.
  • Replacement animal(s), if available, will be the same subspecies and type originally ordered unless otherwise mutually agreed upon. Size and age of replacement animal(s) may vary. In the event we do not have a suitable replacement animal(s), a hatchling of the same subspecies and type will be sent to you at the next earliest hatch. Only healthy animals may be returned. You are responsible for all shipping expenses and for the health of the returned animal(s) as verified by our Veterinarian. Veterinary examination will be at our expense. Replacement animal(s) will not be shipped until verification of the good health of the returned animal(s) is verified.
Terms & Conditions
    • All reptiles will be in outwardly good health and condition and we guarantee proper determination of gender.
    • Unless otherwise mutually agreed upon, for domestic destinations, all snakes will have been voluntarily feeding on appropriately sized Mus musculus, common laboratory mice.
    • All domestic orders will be prepaid by way of Visa, Discover or Master Card credit or debit cards, PAYPAL, personal or company check, money order, bank check, cashier’s check or bank wire. Some fees and restrictions may apply to international order payments. Checks must be payable to Don Soderberg or South Mountain Reptiles and must clear both banks prior to shipping. Due to current next day carrier policy, any live arrival guarantees are honored by South Mountain Reptiles only. This live arrival policy applies only to shipments with domestic destinations. Since the live arrival guarantee is strictly SMR policy, please, do not contact the carrier in the event of d.o.a. shipments. Unless we are not able to supply the type(s) of animal(s) you order that were secured by prepayment or deposit, no refunds will be given. In some situations, we may offer compensation in the form of credit to be used only at South Mountain Reptiles.
    • Domestic orders are usually shipped via door-to-door service without the hassle of picking it up at your airport. This domestic door-to-door (usually next day delivery) shipping and handling service is available throughout most of the contiguous U.S. and will be prepaid prior to shipping. We can ship up to 20 neonate snakes per box. This shipping fee does NOT apply to each animal you order. If you elect to have it shipped to any other location for direct delivery, the fee will be $35.00 per box. There are no other shipping and handling fees associated with weekday door-to-door, domestic service. Those animals shipped via door-to-door carriers will be guaranteed to arrive alive only if the package is personally handed to the customer (or an agent of the customer) on the first delivery attempt. Packages not handed directly to the customer (or agent of customer) by express customer request or via signature waivers with the carrier, are exempt from our live delivery guarantee. In cases of delayed deliveries (or other problems associated with shipping), please contact us at (830)964-3200. As the shipper, we can expedite delivery more quickly here than you can.
    • You may alternately choose airline cargo which is available to most major U.S. airports. The premium counter-to-counter service must be prepaid prior to shipping. At this time, the cost for domestic airline cargo (Delta Dash) is $120.00. Airline service is only offered by appointment. We\'re very far from an airport and usually only ship via the airlines once a month.
    • If your package is shipped via the airlines, all reptiles will be guaranteed to arrive alive if picked up within four (4) hours of flight arrival and if the temperature is above 40 degrees F.. There are no guarantees by us for shipments delayed or lost by the airline carrier, but claims may be made directly to the airline carrier. In the event of dissatisfaction, you are responsible for notifying us within 48 hours of flight arrival. If you elect to return the reptile(s), you will be responsible for all expenses required to properly and safely return the reptile(s).
    • DEPOSITS: If the animal(s) you want are not in stock, deposits will be accepted on selected hatchlings. The deposit amount will be 25% of the purchase price of the snake(s) only. Since shipping arrangements will be made at the time of purchase, shipping charges will not be included in the deposit. Prospective buyers will be contacted when the animal(s) are ready to ship and they will have 10 days from that date in which to pay the balance for the animal(s) in full (plus shipping). If balance due is not received by the end of the 10 day period, the snakes will be sold to the next person(s) on the list and all monies paid to that point will be forfeited to South Mountain Reptiles. Our NO REFUND policy applies here, however that credit may be applied to other purchases during that breeding season. In rare cases where partial deposit refunds are granted, a 20% fee will be assessed.
    • All animals offered for sale will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. No-one will be put ahead of another on the Deposit or Prepaylists for any reason except as outlined in our deposit policy. Deposit dates will be strictly adhered to.
    • This price list on this site is updated periodically. Prices may change without notice.


  • Derzeit sind wir leider nicht in der Lage unsere Tiere nach Europa zu exportieren. Sollten wir uns entscheiden eine Exporterlaubnis zu beantragen und den Versand außerhalb der Vereinigten Staaten wieder aufzunehmen, werden wir diesen Hinweis entfernen und gerne ihre Bestellungen entgegennehmen. Wir bedanken uns im Voraus für ihr Verständnis.

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