Corn Snakes In Captivity

Published in 2006, Corn Snakes In Captivity represents over 35 years of my experiences with keeping and breeding corns. With 113 pages and 70 photographs, keepers of corns are sure to benefit from this comprehensive corn snake resource.



In the Summer of 2006 Corn Snakes In Captivity, my first (and to-date ONLY ) corn snake book was offered for sale.  Corn Snakes In Captivity offers over 35 years of my experience in keeping and breeding this fascinating serpent species.  With over 113 pages of text and 70 photographs, everything you need to know about keeping and breeding corns is detailed in an easy-to-read and understand format.  In sequence from acquisition of your corn snakes to breeding and reproducing them, I have detailed successful corn snake keeping from A to Z.

At $12.95 USD (which includes $4.00 usd processing and 1st Class postage for U.S. destinations), each copy of Corn Snakes In Captivity shipped is personally autographed by me.  

Ever since the 2006 release date of Corn Snakes In Captivity, I have been working on (actually more off than on) a bigger Corn Snake book.   It will be a much larger and hard-bound book offering far greater detail for the novice corn snake keeper OR professional corn snake breeder.  It will include maps, diagrams, and hundreds of photographs of the processes in maintaining corns, as well as descriptions, histories, and photographs of many of the myriad current color and pattern morphs in our hobby. 

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