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We are credited with several colubrid corn snake morphs and mutations discovered in the market today, including the Palmetto, Tessera and Pied-Sided mutations.


We ship corn snakes for sale every Monday and Wednesday for respective scheduled next-day FedEx delivery.
(Weather permitting, except for holidays, and in addition to scheduled conflicting events)
Furthermore, we guarantee all reptiles will arrive alive
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Don Soderberg

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Emily from Snake Discovery

Unboxing Scaleless corn snake from Don Soderberg at South Mountain Reptiles.

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Tyler Rugge

Unboxing Scaleless Corn Snake 'Obi' from Don Soderberg at South Mountain Reptiles.

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Don is incredibly generous with his time and great knowledge. More like a friend than anything else. When it comes to corn snakes and human beings you can't do any better than this!


I have been involved in the corn snake hobby for well over 25 years and in that time I have never found a more honest, friendly, knowledgeable person than Don. I have been a customer for years and let me tell you.. You literally can not go wrong with South Mountain Reptiles.

Chris Cicogna

You cannot find a more knowledgeable and passionate caring breeder than Don! He goes above and beyond to answer all your questions and educate you to the fullest. We are so blessed to have found Don and SMR!!

Daniel Cooke

Featured Article

History of the Tessera Mutation

FIRST, what makes Tesseras so hobby valuable? Other than appearance, the primary (and inherent) value of Tessera-type Corns is their mode of inheri...


During our winter shipping season, domestic next day door-to-door U.S. shipping will be only on Mondays and Wednesdays each week that do not potentially conflict with a holiday or commercial reptile event.  For any season of the year, each order is custom packed in a new box that includes applicable temperature modifiers (heat and/or gel packs) relative to anticipated weather and respective shipping routes. 

With over 45 years of animal packing and shipping experience, we guarantee live arrival if delivery is not delayed by the customer's failure to be available for the first delivery attempt by FedEx (or their contractors). 

Our winter shipping prerequisites are:

Destination (and FedEx Hub in Memphis) night temperatures must be above 14f.
Destination (and FedEx Hub in Memphis) airport must be operating normally
Destination city streets must facilitate delivery truck traffic

If temps are below 14f, but above 9f, and if city streets and airports are open to normal traffic, we will ship to most destinations - provided the customer picks up the package at a FedEx Facility per EXPRESS HOLD AT LOCATION services. In this way, excessive exposure to cold temperatures in the delivery trucks is reduced.

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