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South Mountain Reptiles

Cherry Amel 18" Male

Cherry Amel 18" Male

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This 18" male 2021 Cherry Amel represents the newest Red-modifying gene mutation in cornsnakes, CHERRY.  Cherry, like all red-modifying mutations in corns, deepens the saturation of red throughout maturity, so the heavily red/orange seen here will be two shades of red in the coming months/years.  There should be very little expression of white at maturity.  I've had/have all of the red-modifiers and this one tops them all.  Since the parents of this snake were a Cherry Amel homozygote and a Cherry Amel Visual-het, this one could be a Visual-het, but this much red at such a young age indicates to me that he will be a homozygote, expressing the deepest red possible.  $500.00 plus $39.00 flat-rate overnight domestic shipping to all of the lower-48 U.S. zip codes.

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