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South Mountain Reptiles

Hypo Pewter PLUS 19" male

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This 19" male cornsnake has more mutations that I can prove, but you be the judge.  Parents are Hypo Pewter X Hypo Bloodred, so, we know he's Hypo and Bloodred (Diffused Masque), but IF one copy of Amel were hidden in both parents, this snake still does not satisfy the phenotype of a Hypo Blizzard, since the markings demonstrate an underlying color, and Hypo Pewters do not have red eyes? My guess would be Hypo Pewter Lavender, but this is based on the general appearance.  All of the homozygote genes I can guarantee are Hypo, Diffused, and Masque.  He is currently eating frozen/thawed pinky mice.  $321.00 plus $39.00 flat-rate overnight domestic shipping to any of the lower-48 U.S. zip codes.